Bashar Alzghoul, MD


Bashar Alzghoul, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Assistant Program Director, Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellowship

UF Health Pulmonary – Medical Specialties – Medical Plaza

TEL: 352-273-8737

MDThe University of JordanMedicine
ResidencyUniversity of ArkansasInternal Medicine
FellowshipUniversity of FloridaPulmonary & Critical Care Medicine


  • Pulmonary Disease
  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Internal Medicine

Clinical Interests:

Board Certifications:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Pulmonary Medicine
  • Critical Care Medicine (Board Eligible)

Professional Societies:

Honors and Awards:

  • ATS Assembly on Clinical Problems Scholarship Award, 2021
  • ATS Assembly on Allergy, Immunology & Inflammation Abstract Scholarship Award, 2019
  • The Thomas & Andreoli Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine, 2018
  • ATS Assembly on Thoracic Oncology Abstract Scholarship Award, 2018
  • Arkansas ACP Abstract Honorable Mention Award, 2016
  • The University of Jordan Award for Excellence in Volunteering and Social Service, 2012


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