Clinical Trials Contact

Pulmonary Clinical Trials Office

University of Florida MSB Room 442

1600 SW Archer Road Gainesville, FL  32610-0225

The Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine participates in clinical research to improve patient care and treatment while furthering medical research to better understand diseases and disorders. Clinical trials can be interventional or observational. In interventional studies, a subject is administered a study drug or other intervention and the results are measured. In an observational study, subjects are examined and the results are recorded and analyzed. The Division participates in both types of studies. Each clinical trial has its own set of inclusion/exclusion criteria for recruitment. Anyone who meets the inclusion/exclusion criteria of a clinical trial is eligible for participation. If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial offered, please contact the respective study coordinator for the trial to see if you meet the criteria for participation.



1)  Christina Eagan, RN

Assistant Director, Clinical Research

Office Telephone:  352.273.8990


2)  Joanna Nolte, ARNP

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Office Telephone:  352.273.7225

3)  Wanda Nichols, RN

Clinical Research Nurse

Office Telephone:  352.273.8737

4) Valeria Segui, BA

Office Telephone: (352) 273-6339

5) Noni Graham

Clinical Research Coordinator II

Office Telephone: 352.294.5195

6) Brooks Morgan, RN

Clinical Research Nurse

Office  Telephone 352.273.5870

7) Jesse West, RN

Clinical Research Nurse

Office  Telephone 352.273.8666

Administrative Staff:

1)    Ann Johnson

Administrative Support Assistant II

Office Telephone: 352.273.8665

2)    Chris Pintado

Assistant Director – Health Care Administration

Office Telephone: 352.273.8737

3)    Emily Mak

Clinical Research Coordinator I – Alpha 1 Lab

Office Telephone: 352.273.7816