Introduction to Basic Science Research

To learn and understand:

  • Basic laboratory skills and techniques.
  • Protein expression techniques
  • Gene expression techniques
  • Necropsy techniques in animal models
  • A metabolic assay in tissue or cell culture

To demonstrate knowledge by:

  • Monitoring a Basic science technique occurring in human subjects
  • Present at least one article related to an advanced technique during these two weeks within the group
8:00 AM to 9:00 AM Lecture Faculty member
Day 1 Approach to Hypothesis Driven
Research & Developing Specific Aims

RT Sadikot
Day 2 Basics of Molecular Biology ML Brantly
Day 3 Protein L Moldawer
Day 4 RNA K Mohammad
Day 5 DNA N Kamal
Day 6 Genomics & Proteomics ML Brantly
Day 7 Cell Studies Basics Jorge Lascano
Day 8 Animal Models For Human Diseases M Mohammadzadeh
Day 9 Bench to Bedside- How to apply
basic studies to human diseases
RT Sadikot
Day 10 Analysis of Data in a lab G Wang
Day 11 Molecular Biology Journal Club Jorge Lascano
Practicum (9:00 AM to 12:00 PM): Faculty member
Basic Laboratory Skills R Roman
Cell Culture Jorge Lascano
Protein Z Yuan
RNA R Roman
DNA R Roman
Animal Studies Z Yuan