Aims, Mission, and Vision
Sleep Fellowship Program

Program Aims

  1. Train independent excellent practitioners of Sleep Medicine.
  2. 80% graduates become certified within four years (examination only given every other year).
  3. 100% of fellows will have scholarly products (didactic talks, literature review, submission of case report or sleep pearls) prior to graduation​.

Program Mission

To train physicians for the independent practice of high quality sleep medicine including treatment of the full range of sleep disorders in adults and children.

Five-year Program Vision

  1. Obtain funding for the sleep fellowship to allow optimal training with 50% time at the VA Medical Center and 50% time at the UF Health Sleep Center.
  2. Have the fellows participate in scholarly activity leading to yearly publications
  3. Have fellows participate in quality improvement projects relevant to the practice of sleep medicine.
  4. Continue the record of 100% pass rate on the sleep medicine boards.
  5. Increase visibility of the sleep fellowship to attract high quality candidates from UF Residency Programs.