Schaller Lab

Matthew Schaller, PhD, Pulmonary Division

Dr. Schaller’s lab studies the interactions between immune cells and pathogens that occur in the lung, with a particular interest in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis infection. Over 1/3 of the world’s population is infected with M. tb and there is no vaccine available that can sterilize the infection. Understanding the immune response to this pathogen is key to the development of new vaccines and treatments for this chronic condition.

Publication HIGHLIGHTS

  • Ting H-A, Schaller MA, Nagata DE de A, Rasky AJ, Maillard IP, Lukacs NW. Notch Ligand Delta-like 4 Promotes Regulatory T Cell Identity in Pulmonary Viral Infection. The Journal of Immunology. 2017 Feb 15;198(4):1492–1502. PMID: 28077598
  • Bermick JR, Lambrecht NJ, denDekker AD, Kunkel SL, Lukacs NW, Hogaboam CM, Schaller MA. Neonatal monocytes exhibit a unique histone modification landscape. Clin Epigenetics. 2016;8:99. PMCID: PMC5028999
  • Schaller M, Ito T, Allen RM, Kroetz D, Kittan N, Ptaschinski C, Cavassani K, Carson WF, Godessart N, Grembecka J, Cierpicki T, Dou Y, Kunkel SL. Epigenetic regulation of IL-12-dependent T cell proliferation. J Leukoc Biol. 2015 Oct;98(4):601–613. PMCID: PMC4763868
  • Schaller MA, Allen RM, Kimura S, Day CL, Kunkel SL. Systemic Expression of Notch Ligand Delta-Like 4 during Mycobacterial Infection Alters the T Cell Immune Response. Front Immunol. 2016;7:527. PMCID: PMC5121470

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