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Mark Brantly, MD
Professor of Medicine
Vice Chair of Research, Department of Medicine
Alpha-1 Foundation Research Professor
Brantly Lab


Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) cells in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis express a complex pro-inflammatory, pro-repair, angiogenic activation pattern, likely associated with macrophage iron accumulation


Andrew J. Bryant
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Bryant Lab



Transforming growth factor beta1 targets estrogen receptor signaling in bronchial epithelial cells

A checkpoint on innate myeloid cells in pulmonary arterial hypertnesion

rhACE2 Therapy Modifies Bleomycin-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension via Rescue of Vascular Remodeling

Involvement of Microglial Cells in Hypoxia-induced Pulmonary Hypertension

Lei JinLei Jin, PhD, MSc
Assistant Professor of  Medicine
Jin Lab



 The Common R71H-G230A-R293Q Human TMEM173 Is a Null Allele


Borna Mehrad, MD
Professor and Chief




Albumin, in the Presence of Calcium, Elicits a Massive Increase in Extracellular Bordetella Adenylate Cyclase Toxin

Hepcidin-mediated iron sequestration protects against bacterial dissemination during pneumonia

Microbiome-mediated neutrophil recruitment via CXCR2 and protection from amebic colitis


Kamal Mohammed, PhD
Research Associate Professor




Heme Oxygenase-1 Deficiency Dimishes Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aures Clearance Due to Reduced TLR9 Expression in Pleural Mesothelial Cells


Nasreen Najmunnisa, PhD
Assistant Professor of  Medicine
Najmunnisa Lab



Synthetic lethality in malignant pleural mesothelioma with PAEP1 inhibition

EphA2 targeted intratumoral therapy for non-small cell lung cancer using albumin mesospheres


Cesare Saltini, MD
Research Professor
Saltini Lab



Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) cells in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis express a complex pro-inflammatory, pro-repair, angiogenic activation pattern, likely associated with macrophage iron accumulation


Clinical Research Publications


Ali Ataya, MD
Assistant Professor of  Medicine



The Use of Tranexamic Acid for Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding by Medical and Surgical Intensivists: A Single Center Experience

An 84 -Year-Old Man with Progressive Dyspnea and an Abnormal Chest CT Scan

Decision support system facilitates rapid decreases in pressure support and appropriate inspiratory muscle workloads in adults with respiratory failure

Lessons from End-of-Life Care in Oregon

The Timing of Early Antibiotics and Hospital Mortality in Sepsis: Playing Devil’s Advocate

A Rare Case of Raoultella planticola Pneumonia: An Emerging Pathogen

Questioning the Effectiveness of Baricitinib for Pulmonary Manifestations of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sarcoidosis – the great masquerader 

Transudative pleural effusion of malignant etiology: Rare but real

A 42-Year-Old Woman with Anemia, Shock, and Ischemic Stroke After Lung Transplantation

Adult Langerhands Cell Histiocytosis Masquerading as Hidradentitis Suppurativa

A nasoenteral feeding tube barking up the wrong tree

A 48-Year-Old Man with Leukopenia, Jaundice, and Skin Rash After Lug Transplantation

Do patients with submassive pulmonary embokism benefit from thrombolytic therapy?

A Review of Targeted Pulmonary Arterial Hpyertension-Specific Pharmacotherapy

Alpha1-antitrypsin Deficiency- Increased Knowledge and Diagnostic Testing after Viewing Short Instructional Video

Bilateral adrenal hemorrhage

Transitioning from parenteral to inhaled prostacyclin therapy in pulmonary arterial hypertension

Pulmonary arterial hypertension and associated conditions

Dysphonia and dyspnea in idiopathic hypereosinophilic syndrome treated with Mepolizumab

Pulmonary Lymphangitic Carcinomatosis from Renal Cell Carcinoma

More haste, less speed: hyponatraemia and osmotic demyelination


Richard B. Berry, MD
Professor of Medicine
Medical Director, UF Health Sleep Disorders Center
Sleep Medicine Fellowship Director


Low-to-Moderate Alcohol Consumption is Associated With Hippocampal Volume in Fibromyalgia and Insomnia

A Patient With Rapidly Progressing Early-Onset Dementia and Insomnia


Satish Chandrashekaran, MD
Assistant Professor of  Medicine



Mycobacterium abscessus disease in lung transplant recipients: Diagnosis and management

Satish2Incidence, Predictors, and Outcomes of Early Atrial Arrhythmias After Lung Transplant


Borna Mehrad, MD
Professor and Chief


Eosinophilic pneumonia associated with pirfenidone therapy


Natalia Moguillansky, MD
Assistant Professor of  Medicine



MoguillanskyBosutinib induced pleural effusions” Case report and review of tyrosine kinase inhibitors induced pulmonary toxicity


Andres Pelaez_MCM_2604Andres Pelaez, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Medical Director, Lung Transplant Program
Co-Director, Adult Respiratory Program


Report of the ISHLT Working Group on Primary Lung Graft Dysfunction, part I: Definition and grading – A 2016 Consensus Group statement of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation

Anastomotic Airway Complications After Lung Transplant : Clinical, Bronchoscopic and CT Correlation


Scott Ryals, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine



A Patient With Suspicious Oxygen Desaturations at Sleep Onset

Use of Chest Wall EMG to Classify Hypopneas as Obstructive or Central


Erin SilvermanErin P. Silverman, PhD, CCC-SLP, CCRC
Research Coordinator III & Adjunct Professor



Vocal Yoga: Applying Yoga Principles in Voice Therapy

Preliminary Evidence of Reduced Urge to Cough and Cough Response in Four Individuals following Remote Traumatic Brain Injury with Tracheostomy

Relationship between voice complaints and subjective and objective measures of vocal function in Iranian female teachers

Queantifying laryngopharyngeal reflux in singers: Perceptual and objective findings

Assessment of airway defenses in neurologically impaired patient

Effects of expiratory muscle strength training on maximal respiratory pressure and swallow-related quality of life in individuals with multiple sclerosis