Physician Spotlight – Amir M. Emtiazjoo, MD, MSc

Physician Spotlight – Amir M. Emtiazjoo, MD, MSc

Amir Emtiazjoo, MDAmir M. Emtiazjoo, MD, MSc, is an assistant professor of medicine at UF College of Medicine’s division of pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine, and developed his passion for lung transplantation during his fellowship training in pulmonary and Critical Care.

“I realized there was no viable option for my patients with advanced lung disease than lung transplantation,” Dr. Emtiazjoo said. “My further observations were the limited survival and suboptimal outcome after the lung transplantation due to the allograft rejection and complications. These two observations motivated me to pursue further fellowship training in clinical Lung transplantation and research with a goal of not only providing my patients with this life-saving option but also to improve the outcome lung transplantation.”

He has been with UF Health since July of 2014, and conducts research that is translational and focused on the development of new strategies to improve allograft tolerance and to reduce primary graft dysfunction and allograft rejection.

“Our program is a very special advanced lung disease program,” Dr. Emtiazjoo said. “It is an exceptional team of superbly trained, passionate and caring surgeons, physicians, nurse practitioners, nurse coordinators and collaboration among many subspecialties. I can support and be supported by my colleagues and as a result, have observed a significant growth and accomplishment of this group over the past several years.”

He is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary medicine and critical care medicine, and has received an award for Best Case Presentation from the American College of Chest Physicians and the Young Investigator Research Grant from the Montreal Centre of Experimental Therapeutics in Cancer.